Nitty Gritty GalRegina Powers is on a mission to convince the world how necessary libraries and librarians are to a free, evolving, and multi-literate American society.  She is a trained, tech-savvy school librarian who also works for a public library.  As such, she is compelled to investigate the nuts, bolts, and “nitty gritty” details about education, library-related issues, and library programming.  The latter is one of her strong suits.  She enjoys scheming up projects to launch for libraries that will attract, support, and motivate lifelong readers, learners, and library users.

Regina has worked with kids of all ages in a variety of capacities, including child-care worker, day camp counselor/director, home-daycare provider, teacher, and coach, before finally finding her niche as a Youth Services and Teacher Librarian. She has a Bachelor of Science in Child Development, a multiple-subject teaching credential, a Cross Cultural Language and Diversity (CLAD) Certificate, and a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science.

When not writing, blogging, reading, eating dark chocolate, walking, scavenging around thrift stores or plant sales, you’ll find her listing ways to improve a library. Interested in more of her wild ideas? Contact Regina at: NitGritGal@gmail.com.