Torn Pants Story

Mr. Powers has been a well respected revered English Teacher at Rosary High School for 27 years. Rosary HS is an all-girl prep school. The following is a totally true and recent story.

A student comes up to Mr. Powers at the end of first period. She is shy and seems to be embarrassed about something. Whatever she asks, Mr. Powers, who is a bit hard of hearing (probably from working with screeching girls for so long) doesn’t hear the question.

“What?” he asks with some impatience.

The student blushes and asks more loudly, “Do you have an extra set of clothes?”

Mr. Powers thinks, “Here’s one I’ve never heard before,” Squinting suspiciously at the student says, “No… Why?”

“You have a hole in your pants.”

Reaching around, Mr. Powers confirms that the seam on the seat of his pants is torn. “Wow, thanks for telling me.” He is impressed that a student, in spite of her shyness, was willing to spare him future humiliation during the day.2013-09-09_20-59-34_928Alas, Mr. Powers does not have a spare set of slacks on campus so he un-tucks his shirt to cover up what a quick trip to the faculty bathroom reveals to be a gaping tear. During 2nd period Mr. Powers explains, “My shirt is un-tucked to cover a hole in my pants.”

The entire class responds, “Oh that. We saw that last week.”

“What?” Mr. Powers sputters. “You saw it last week! Why didn’t anyone say anything?”

To this question the class responds, “We thought you knew.”

Moral 1: Librarians and teachers who work with teens CAN’T take themselves too seriously. Moral 2: If you want some some serious humor in your life, work with teens.

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